Child Foundation

    Goals and viewpoints

    Attaching the highest importance to education is the main policy of Child Welfare Charity Institute. The institute has been trying to respect human dignity of students while preventing their overdependence on the institute, and help them to build a brighter future for themselves. Child Foundation of Iran is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. This feature has been, and will continued to be, the indispensable part of the policy of Child Welfare Charity Institute and the institute will not welcome any measure which would not be compatible with this feature under any circumstances. Of course, contributors of Child Foundation of Iran can come from any walk of life and nationality with any kind of political or religious affiliation. The institute, however, will not accept any measure or position taken against any specific group. Also, while respecting the benevolent intent of people or organizations that make contributions, any financial or spiritual contribution made for any purpose other than helping needy students, will be rejected.