Child Foundation

    How to sponsor a needy but talented student

    Methods of supporting individuals in Child Foundation is that children and gifted students who are interested in education are identified by social workers through 15 branches of Child Foundation offices, organizations such as Welfare, Teaching and Education and other charitable institutions and after the necessary investigations in order to see if the applicant has the condition and standards and collecting documents and evidences, a file will be registered in the name of the child in the Foundation. After that the applicant's file can will be published on Child Foundation's Website and based on the condition the child has regarding his or her family, place for living, and educational level, their requirements will be estimated and a "contributor" will be chosen for them. Then regarding these contribution, a "fellowship" will be sent to the applicant's account or his/her legal guardian per month. Right now more than 4000 students and university students have beensupported by theFoundation who are at different levels of education.during these years many of them have been graduated from universities and Institutions of higher education.
    To support an applicant it is just needed to search in "applicant search" field and search for your desired conditions. In case you could not find an applicant with your desired condition, you can contact the central office of Child Foundation through this contact numbers: 88502182-4 and contact "contributor recruit". Our staff will explain the situation to you. After choosing a contributor, filling the contribution form, and payment of the firstdeposit (which is at least thirty thousand Toman per month), his or her name will be submitted as your aid recipient. At this stage you can visit your personal web page and see his or her picture and a brief summary of the life situation of the applicant. It should be noted that if you are willing to pay just thirty thousand Toman per month to an applicant, there will be another donors to help the child with you; however, if you are intended to be the only donor for a child, you need to pay his or her whole life expenses.
     in order toinform the donors about the academic progress of the child and their situation of living, a report about their education condition, their average (GPA), requirements, condition, and their family condition will be prepared and sent to their contributors across the world. Thus, those who have accepted to support an applicant or applicants will be informed about their academic progress and living situation. Moreover, the donors can visit the applicant or call them withpriorcoordinationandsupervision of child Foundation.