Child Foundation

    Involving in Humanitarian projects

    Opening ceremony of  Child Foundation's"of residential-Therapy CenterII" was held with the presence of donors and a group of child activists in Urmia on 13th of Shahrivar. Planning for establishment of this center with estimated cost of one and half billion Toman, had started from the March of 2011.Right now this project is progressing with the help of our beloved and hardworking colleagues and donors in Urmia Child Foundation. last year Japan embassy in Tehran donated seventy thousand Euros to participate in this humanitarian project.
    Somayeh, 6 years old, is one of the children who has come to Urmia for treatment. She and her father are staying at residential-Therapy Center I. Somayeh is suffering from Leukemia and is from a small village around Poldasht County, in MaKu, West Azerbaijan province, Iran. After her mother's death in an accident one year ago, Somayeh takes care of her two year old sister. For Somayeh and her father, staying in Urmia is a trouble, since children won't be hospitalized during radiotherapyand chemotherapy, they have to go to the hospital and leave there after receiving treatment protocol. Somayeh and many other children have to live in hospital's garden with lowest facilities during the long procedure of treatment.
    Children who are receiving chemotherapy should eat nutritious food and have enough sleep in order to obtain the strength to go through long procedure of treatment which takes several years. These children suffering the pain of illness, come to West Azerbaijan from border provinces and deprived regions, because this center is the only specialized cancer treatment center.  They are looking forward to your helps and donations for completion and establishment of this center.
    We hope to see a day in which no child suffer from pain and disease and lack of treatment due to poverty.