Child Foundation

    Supporting sick children

    Supporting applicants, particularly those with cancer or kidney diseases is among Child Foundation activities. Construction of Residential - Therapy Centre for children who suffer from cancer and their companions in Urmia, and providing the cost of a kidney transplant for all unhealthy applicants in different branches are among these activities.
    -Supply and allocate funds to provide free medicines for deprived families with unhealthy children
    -establishment of residential centers for applicants who suffer from cancer and their companions, in order that they can have a secure, free of charge, and comfortable residential while they are going through long process of treatment.
    - Supporting unhealthy applicants with a monthly fund of 100$.  
    - Organ transplant funding (by buying the required organ from a donor) and treatment of unhealthy children and students, such as kidney and liver replacement and transplants, healing serious burns, helping special disease, and etc.