Child Foundation

    Ways to donate Child Foundation

    ·       Contributors working with the Foundation can choose a child or children on the basis of their own preferred age and educational conditions. Accepting to support a help seeker will lead to no legal obligation in the course of supporting them. When unable or unwilling to continue cooperation with the Foundation, the contributors will simply have to inform the Child Foundation of Iran.
    ·       Child Foundation of Iran is committed to be accountable for contributions it receives from contributors and present necessary documents and financial reports as required.
    ·       Child Foundation of Iran is committed to preparing biannual reports of the latest living and educational situation of help seekers and inform the contributors of their details. If asked by contributors, these reports would be sent to their addresses or emails.
    Child Foundation of Iran will consider the following measures for the optimal allocation of any assistance made by contributors:
    ·       If a contributor is no more willing to meet monthly needs of a help seeker, Child Foundation of Iran will do its best to find another benevolent person as new contributor.
    ·       After consultation with relief worker, part of the monthly allotment of the help seeker will be deposited to bank accounts supervised by Child Foundation of Iran to be made available to him/her in emergency conditions or on such occasions as the New Year or the beginning of the academic year, etc.
    ·       In case of educational problems or lack of cooperation from help seekers or their families, Child Foundation of Iran will take steps to reduce or cut the financial aid paid to them for a month to a maximum of six months. If the problem is resolved, the total sum collected in those months will be paid to them. Otherwise, the contributor responsible for them will be informed of the situation.
    ·       If contributors cannot contact the institute in person or through phone, they can introduce somebody in writing as their representative to the institute so that the representative could be contacted on behalf of the contributor.
    ·       Child Foundation of Iran accepts gifts in kind that are offered by the contributors and delivers them to help seekers after issuing a receipt for the contributor.
    ·       Child Foundation of Iran does not accept second-hand gifts as a sign of respect for human dignity for people covered by the Foundation and will only deliver new gifts to help seekers and their families.
    ·       The contributors can deliver their aid to any office of the Child Foundation of Iran across the globe without regard for the branch of Child Foundation which they had actually contacted to choose a help seeker. Child Foundation of Iran is obliged to provide them with necessary facilities in this regard.
    ·       Sums mentioned as needed by help seekers in six-month reports put the contributors under no obligation for the payment of those exact sums and are merely for information. The contributors can make individual decisions about whether to pay those sums or not.
    ·       In addition to providing educational support for help seekers, Child Foundation has made it possible for contributors to meet with or contact the help seekers they are supporting through phone call. The following points should be taken into account in this regard:
    o   During the academic year, meeting or contact with help seekers living in Tehran and Karaj cities will be possible on every Thursday after prior coordination with a special unit set up for contacts between contributors and help seekers at the central office of Child Foundation of Iran.
    o   For help seekers living outside Tehran or Karaj cities, a meeting can be arranged in Tehran through prior coordination with the central office of the Foundation, provided that the contributor accepts the cost of help seeker’s travel and lodgings in Tehran.
    o   If the contributor is willing to meet with the help seeker in the city that they live, the central office will make such a meeting possible in that city after proper coordination.
    o   If the contributor is willing to have phone contact with the help seeker, the request is delivered to the unit responsible for contacts between contributors and help seekers and the phone call will be put through on the determined day and time.