Child Foundation

    How people are supported

    To support people in need, Child Foundation of Iran first identifies talented children and students through the offices of Child Foundation of Iran, state organizations like State Welfare Organization of Iran, and the Education Ministry. Then necessary studies are carried out to make sure they match the institute’s standards and conditions after which necessary documents are collected and put in a file under their own names at Child Foundation of Iran. The files related to help seekers are then put on the website of Child Foundation of Iran or are sent for overseas offices of the Foundation to attract sponsors who would be able to meet the needs of help seekers in view of their living conditions and the academic level at which they study. Afterwards and in proportion to the contribution made, a sum is deposited to the bank account of legal guardians of help seekers or to their own accounts on a monthly basis as “scholarship fee.” At present, more than 6,000 schoolchildren and university students are being supported by the Foundation and are studying at various levels. Many of them have also graduated from universities and higher education institutes. In addition, the Child Foundation of Iran, based on its capacities, has been, and will continue to be, a partner to humanitarian projects, including building and management of accommodations for children with cancer in Urumiyeh.